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What Others Are Saying....

"What a beautiful home with amazing surrounds. It is very warm and inviting when you walk in. Brandon and his staff have done such a great job! All the hard work and dedication to providing the perfect space and great care all in one place is great. I look forwarding to watching to see what Shepherd Premier Senior Living has in the future."

-Heather B, Northern Rose Caregiving

"Just visited Shepherd Premier Senior Living. Perfect for seniors desiring a supportive yet caring community. Incredibily clean, roomy and friendly. Who could want more?"

-Kay Rial Bates, President of McHenry Chamber of Commerce & Future McHenry County Board

"Brandon Schwab and his partners at Shepherd Premier Senior Living is what every senior living should be. Modern facilities in a home setting with a caregiver on site. It's the best of both worlds. If you have a member of your family looking for a senior living facility but not willing to give up that "homey" enviornment, you need to stop by and check them out."

-Wayne Seely, Nurium 

"This isn't a typical care facility. The owners really put the "care" in. I have beem impressed with Brandon's commitment to quality in the homes and staff. I wouldn't consider another place in the area and hopefully they will continue to grow and expand bedcause we need more care homes like this."

-Phil Blackwell


FREE Senior Housing Guide E-Book