Quick Glance at Shepherd Premier Senior Living

Shepherd Premier Senior Living and it's affiliates have been caring for seniors since 1994 serving over 400+ families in Illinois and Florida. Founded with single purpose to provide the most desired atmosphere with above average caregiver to resident ratios the company has enjoyed many years of success in central Florida . Now we are expanding into Chicago Suburbs offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care Services to Illinois residents as well...

Where is Shepherd Located?

Shepherd Premier Senior Living has a sales office located at 1330 N. Riverside Dr, McHenry, Illinois 60050 that is the first place for families to meet the team. This location is specifically designed to share all the current and upcoming locations for the Shepherd family of homes in both Illinois and Florida and which ones have beds available. 

What is the Future of Senior Living?

The FUTURE of Senior Living Today is offered at Shepherd Premier Senior Living. Our research and documentation has indicated that the way we care for seniors in large apartment buildings today is NOT the way we will care for a majority of our seniors in 10 years. The industry is trending away from large apartment style buildings and more into single family homes. 

What People Are Saying

Kay Rial Bates  said- "Just visited Shepherd Premier Senior Living. Perfect for Seniors desiring a supportive yet caring community. Incredibility clean, roomy and friendly. Who could want more?"

Wayne Seely said- "Brandon Schwab and his partners at Shepherd Premier Senior Living is what every senior living should be. Modern facilities in a home setting with a caregiver on site. It's the best of both worlds. If you have a member of your family looking for a senior living facility but not willing to give up that "homey" environment, you need to stop by and check them out".

Sandy Zawistowski said- "Senior living in an atmosphere just like home is what Shepherd Premier Senior Living can offer your loved one! I recommend giving them a call today! I have had experience with family members in a traditional nursing home setting that I never would have considered if there were a facility like Shepherd back then".

Phillip Blackwell said- "This isn't a typical care facility. The owners really put the "care" in. I have been impressed with Brandon's commitment to quality in the homes and staff. I wouldn't consider another place in the area and hopefully they will continue to grow and expand because we need more care homes like this".

Christine Mahoney said- "Shepherd Premier Senior Livings owner Brandon is in networking groups with me. I recently had a chance to tour the facility. Was I ever impressed! The space feels just like a home, the caregivers are friendly, professional and watch carefully over the residents, the grounds were beautiful and they have addressed every and all safety precaution. What an amazing place. If you or a loved one is in the position of needing additional care and want to live like you would at your own home it's right here at Shepherd Premier Senior Living. Plenty of space for family to come visit and spend time too".

Brian Hutchinson said- "Having seen the Genesis of Shepherd Premier Senior Living, the finished result is a beautiful, personal setting for the senior who is in need of personal care. With a far less institutional feel than the current market place offers, Shepherd is a refreshing alternative to those who desire an at home environment".

Kirby Atwell said- "This is a fantastic facility! I have visited many times and can't say enough good things about how the home and the staff".

Jon Petersen said- "This is what senior housing and care should be! I can see this becoming a new standard by which senior housing services are judged".

Heather Bucar said "
What a beautiful home with amazing surroundings. It is very warm and inviting when you walk in. Brandon and and his staff have done such a great job! All the hard work and dedication to providing the perfect space and great care all in one place is great. I look forward to watching to see what Shepherd Residential has in the future".

I recently was given the pleasure of touring Shepherd Premier Senior Living Center and was amazed by the beautiful space. The sense of being at home when you walk in the door is a wonderful feeling. If you're seeking senior care for yourself or a loved one, Shepherd is certainly the place to be!



I have recently visited the Ringwood IL location. It is difficult to put into words what this facility has to offer. I would suggest you take the time to visit and see for yourself. I have known Brandon Schwab for many years. He is a forward thinking individual. What he has put together at the Ringwood location is impressive. Clean, bright, spacious, warm and inviting come to mind. Most importantly is the care provided to the residents. If you have a friend, family member or you yourself are considering an assisted living facility, you need to consider Shepherd Senior Living. You will be glad you did.


The tour was very enjoyable and the facility is beautiful, homey and the view is fantastic. The staff is so nice and I thank Brandon for taking the time to answer all my questions. I am very happy to see another option for assisted living in McHenry County.


I can tell you that this facility is NOT your typical "nursing home", with long cold hallways and room after room. This place anyone would be HAPPY to call home, because it is just that a "private residence" that's set up for the most innovative care facility in the market. Shepard residential has done it right.

Your parents would be thrilled to stay here. Your kids would be jealous that you are staying here. Please check it out for yourself. You will be amazed

I had the chance to take a tour of one of the Shepard facilities. It was a beautiful place with plenty for the residents to do. Brandon and his staff do a great job of caring for the residents as well as spending time with them and getting to know them.


This is a concept who's timing is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

Shawnakevin Shoemaker reviewed Shepherd Premier Senior Living 
5 star
March 22

I can honestly say this place took my breath away IT is so beautiful ! You feel the warmth comfort ,openness, beautiful scenery, I can tell you this IT was so much more than I could have EVER even imagined, you literally have to physically go in there to see for yourself ♡ I would highly recommend taking the time to check this beautiful home out! It is in no way shape or form a hospital or nursing home setting, it's honestly home away from home. I hope and pray that when more people come in and see what I am talking about that more places like this will be built, with love true compassion and knowing that your loved one is not just a name THEY ARE FAMILY. This is what our loved ones deserve a place like home ♡